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Are you on the edge of your seat with apprehension as to which to consider 2D or 3D for your product explainer? Let us take replace that with a smile of an accomplishment which is what we do. Let’s begin with what you can expect to achieve with each. First 2D, although it is the oldest form of animation, many an audience still enjoy the nature of 2D. 2D is easy to control and handle. It certainly saves time in the production process. 2D when it comes to production costs much less, it is cheaper. It is simple and works without the complexity of any other production.
Given our view animated ex plainer video company, these incentives, let us also take a look at 3D values and ultimate benefits. You have a grate range and superior ability to project movement. 3D is of a higher quality compared to 2D. Given these superior advancements 3D does have a higher demand than 2D besides it being visually appealing.
Next we can take a peek at a few animation video maker options practiced today. Oftentimes this is reflected as the animator’s personal style. Well with 2D the low production cost seems an attractive feature, since not everyone wants to or can afford high production costs. However with the present day advancements in technology and given the ability to cut costs, production of good quality can be at the standards of even enthralling the audience, after all that is the whole purpose and if you have that benefit why not. The rest of the creativity, the imagination, the use of technology to advantage and transforming your product or service to be a seller is up to the Addpro team, and we give it all diligence.

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parallax background

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A problem well expressed in a 2D product or service introduction, remains etched in the memory of the audience if they relate to it right, this is when your solution product or service becomes a “sale”, “moral of the story”; create awareness and your product sells itself. Not to mention a brand loyalty.

Use variety in your 2&3 D “creativity”

They are bite sized bits of video content, often around one or two minutes in length and presented in many forms, from traditional animation, to 3D to even live action and more. They can be done in a variety of genres, utilizing comedy, or drama, depending on the theme strategized.

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