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November 13, 2019
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2x growth for medical equipment manufacturer

Medical supplies, especially “disposables” are a hugely competitive industry. The very nature of the product, with a need for the highest quality standards and standards of hygiene, demands the best in manufacturing facilities, this is provided for, in this state of the art medical supplies manufacturing unit.

That done we needed to get them to the top of search engine results, we initiated social media marketing and blog posts to drive that initiative, with which we have impressive turn of market demand for their product range. In addition we have periodical reviews of their online catalogue which require product updates. Online catalogue has been a very handy productive tool in their digital marketing campaign. Further the hand held hard copy of the catalogue has also been very handy marketing tool, especially in leaving behind a reminder that refreshers the potential buyer of the product if it is, for instance on their coffee table.

However the marketing of this amazing product line was not quite so easy, especially breaking into the market and creating market visibility and awareness. That’s where we came into the picture, in taking on all of their digital marketing initiative. The website was the first logical step, following which all the UI and UX design, content for each product needed to be well designed and compiled which required precise, accurate, and simple language for even a lay-persons comprehension.

  • Website was the first logical step
  • UI and UX design
  • Content for each product
  • Amazing market reviews
  • Online catalogues and brochures
Lead generation skyrocketed and stays high because we maintain a sustained, social media and SEO campaign.

Our digital branding initiative covered search engine optimization online catalogues and brochures and social media marketing, and we have had amazing market reviews from social media and SEO with the kind of organic traffic that we generate.

This drive is sustained to-date and has not failed to help increase sales to today fivefold growth in the last five years.

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