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November 13, 2019
3X growth of conveyor Solutions Company
May 27, 2021
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Server enclosures and solutions grow 5X

Server racks and enclosures are a highly competitive area of design and manufacture, not just because of the IT environment that has need for it but because, every manufacturer of IT products and accessories also manufacturer their own range of enclosures and racks. Given this scenario we their “digital branding partners” had our task cut out from the outset.

And so we started with the basics, absolutely. After extensive research and analysis, designed and developed a great website and had them hosted globally. Great attention and creativity went into the UI and UX elements of the website development, and ten years hence we continue to implement UI and UX upgradation. We then created visibility and market awareness of their presence and all the other technical superiority, flexibility, adaptability and grandeur of their world class equipment.

Digital branding of their product range involved a compiling informative, accurate, crisp content that is interesting to a potential buyer. Besides that we keep this content SEO friendly and bring in bundles of organic traffic.
  • Extensive research and analysis
  • Website design and development
  • UI and UX design and development
  • Digital branding
  • Created visibility and market awareness

This set the stage for us to showcase their product range on social media, where we have kept the market aware and current on technical advancements, product updates, and new additions to the product range. Digital branding efforts can never be quiet complete. Social media videos and posts keep market observers and even potential buyers, unto date on developments. Furthermore we keep the products and services fresh on the audience minds with the vivid clarity of videos and images. With their technical expertise we also designed and developed an extensive online brochure and then had this printed, both resources having an appropriate audience.

Ten years hence this global giant of today is competing with the world’s best, has experienced a fivefold growth, and has taken wing as far ashore as Africa and the Arabian Middle East.

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