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How it all started?

Started in 2010, Addpro is a digital growth Hacking Company that supported various small and medium businesses, corporate and start-ups. With a team of 50+, we have our presence in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Coimbatore.

We support Business in digital brand building, Enhance user Experience, Content marketing strategy, Search Engine Marketing strategy, Social media strategy, Re-Marketing, Reputation Management, Public Relations Management, and Marketing Automation process to drive business progression. Our vision is to help 5,000 businesses to grow digitally by 2025. We have been working tirelessly towards it and will continue to thrive.

Our Offerings

We offer gamut of personalised marketing services to help businesses grow digitally. With a decade of expertise in digital marketing we help brands for augmented brand presence.

Your digital expert


web, branding
& more.


print, web, social
& more.


web, print, branding
& more.


print, web, social
& more.


web, print, branding
& more.


Corporate Video, Events
& more

Case Study

Netrack approached Addpro Network digital marketing expertise to manage its Digital Marketing & Brand Awareness campaign The goal was to strengthen its Digital brand presence, build audience trust to Increase website traffic and Lead Generation. 


in online sales


With the advent of the Digital Age, the company needed a new way to connect to its customers across the globe. Their old website was cumbersome and had a ton of data on each product that would easily prolong the buying decision of the customer. 



in online sales

 The client reached us to manage its Digital Marketing campaign. The goal was to strengthen its Digital brand presence, build audience trust, develop an E-commerce portal and increase Lead Generation.  


in online sales

CSR Activities

Just doing
our bit.

We believe kindness is the ultimate virtue, and
we do our bit to sustain it. Monthly,
we donate a sum to an orphanage
and old-age homesto help them live the life they deserve.

what our clients say

Krishnaraj U N

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We are pleased to have Addpro Network as our digital growth partner. The company helped reach a wider audience and attract more leads with UI designing, branding and SMM campaigns.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The journey with Addpro Network has been incredible,and our digital growth increased significantly with them. ,and our digital growth increased significantly with them.

Prem Nityanand

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Addpro helped attain significant digital growth for us, which helped attract more leads. As a result, we now have a more substantial brand presence online and offline. ,and our digital growth increased significantly with them. ignificantly with them.

Satya. R. Mandal

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The company helped us create a solid online presence a remarkable increase in audience reach and leads with the help of Social Media Marketing campaigns, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine optimisation and UI Designing. 

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Vinat euroktigt. Read. Sätediska ude.
Vinat euroktigt. Read. Sätediska ude.
Vinat euroktigt. Read. Sätediska ude.
Vinat euroktigt. Read. Sätediska ude.

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Technology Partners

We thrive to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients; that’s why we work with the finest technology vendors. Like our clients, we ensure a great partnership with the vendors for excellent results and clients’ success. We are committed to long-standing partnerships, attend regular training and maintain certifications.

winning digital marketing agency

Addpro had a rollercoaster of a time in the run up to this award, it was in a field of over 5k participants we worked towards our client centric philosophy which got us the booty.

Addpro had a rollercoaster of a time in the run up to this award, it was in a field of over 5k participants we worked towards our client centric philosophy which got us the booty.

This was a long shot in the B2B arena as we were pitted against some industry leaders , but still proud to have placed in the top 5. 

Why Addpro


Take risks for bigger things! But why when you are getting everything without it? Personalised digital growth strategy with zero risks taken.


More leads means increased profit! Increase the profit with our digital marketing strategies specially fabricated as per your requirements.


SEO, Graphics, Content, Marketing- we got it all covered! We have an efficient, qualified and dedicated team to work for your project to give you the best results.


Stop paying hefty amount for the old traditional marketing methods! Reduce your marketing expenditure with our digital marketing tactics.

Stress Free

Sit back, relax and see your brand grow to its utmost potential. We look after all of your marketing requirements and stats for your brand’s success.

Frequently Ask Question


SEO expert tests, analyse and changes a website to optimise it for higher SERP ranking. Addpro helps optimise your website for high search engine ranking resulting in accelerated leads and business growth. 

Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing strategy to enhance your website’s visibility in search engine result pages. Addpro helps you elevate your website ranking with the help of paid and organic SEM campaigns.  

Social Media will help you connect with your clients, promote products, get instant feedback and reach beyond geographical boundaries. We help you with personalised Social Media campaigns to accelerate your reach and enhance your brand identity.  

Email marketing is an extensively used Digital Marketing technique and is still relevant for all businesses. With an ROI of 4400%, email marketing is still one of the top choices for most marketers. We help you with a personalised email marketing strategy to attract leads and boost your reach.  

B2B marketing coagulates content marketing with other services like SEO and Email Marketing to generate leads, traffic and revenue. With our personalised B2B strategies, you can do wonders, so the answer is- it works!  

Online Reputation Management or ORM addresses any negative or false comments; you can actively monitor any mention of your company or brand on social media and react to it accordingly. The primary purpose of ORM is to portray your brand in the best possible way.  

A customer relationship management system helps you gather customer interactions that benefit you with better customer retention, increased sales and detailed analytics.  

Please refer to our UI/UX portfolio to see our work for highly reputed brands. We understand every brand is different so is their website. So we focus on creating a personalised, unique and user-friendly website for the best client retention rate.  

Graphic designing comprises planning and creating creative digital content for communicating your ideas or detailed information. It includes brand manual, corporate identity, event design, brochure and catalogue. 

We deliver personalised UI/UX design to bring more leads and higher client retention. Our focus lies in creating a simple, effective, user-friendly, unique and appealing website. 

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