How did we start flying?

A Little About Us

Our “white paper” on our decade long resilience and excellence

Started With The Resolve To Redefine
Digital Marketing

A magnificent ten years of growth and learnings from a small ground breaking team to a vibrant group of digital marketing professionals, our legend began in 2010 with the foundation of Addpro networks. M. Nandan, with a long history of digital marketing employ, with leading brands, and its related areas set out with a resolve to redefine digital marketing. The company “vision” of “making a difference in an ever-evolving digital marketing arena” is still held-fast, today’s mission being, meeting the challenge of the “next phase of evolving technology and exploiting its potentials in digital marketing”. Today with years of expertise and innovation Addpro has a long arm in the world of digital marketing.
Our company values, work culture, and integrity are our pillars of growth. Along with a multifaceted team who have worked together to create cohesive, path-breaking, attention grabbing ideas, always redefining design and content boundaries. The whole “act” kept in focus with a distinguished leadership both ingenious and creative, not unlike the central nervous system of a multitalented team of professionals that need to work cohesively. B2B or B2C, our customer centric approach has built many a success through the digital realm.
We started out as story-tellers in the digital and now amaze the digital world with ingenuity, of ideas. From our early years as a Bangalore based company, we have spread our wings across all of south India and stretching further across the country and beyond the seven seas. Our mission to accomplish, digital branding and marketing needs with the optimal utilization of technological advances are always a reality vision for the organization.
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The Squad


Best Digital Marketing Agency
Lead Menia - 2019

Addpro had a rollercoaster of a time in the run up to this award, it was in a field of over 5k participants we worked towards our client centric philosophy which got us the booty.

Best Social Campain
Socialite - 2019

We sat back and enjoyed the ride up to this one; it was a run-away success from the word get-go, given the reputation we have in the digital marketing arena.

Top 5 Digital marketing company Mark Events - 2018

This was a long shot in the B2B arena as we were pitted against some industry leaders , but still proud to have placed in the top 5.