The cheapest yet strongest media tool today
is the mobile, and you need to be in there

WhatsApp Marketing

The mass communicator of your business


We strategize promotions for a
whooping reach and response

Whatsapp marketing services enables us to send bulk notifications, messages to clients and potential clients. Sending out bulk notifications of events, promotions and updates raises visibility and market awareness.

Once on a whatsapp marketing for business campaign a dedicated team of marketers will need to respond to customer queries, even thousands of them, and no different than Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube brands use Whatsapp to market their offerings so we all can. But unlike all these channels, whatsapp marketing solutions does not allow anyone to mass-market to unknown contacts.

So here is how we set you up. You will have access to all whatsapp users who are in your contacts list. The choice of whatsapp business application or whatsapp business API depends of size of the business and business need. The Whatsapp marketing cycle begins with customers from your phone book, reaching out to you in the form of an enquiry or need to reach your business. This is the opportunity that they have given you with the initiation of contact. We, the best whatsapp marketing company then send out in response along with the information required an offer that might interest them. This is also the initiation of a fresh lead in your portfolio.


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It’s all about staying connected
Send impactful messages at just the right time

Flaunt your brand personality

With that in mind, also strategize from the position of a brand and not an individual. We will be responding to texts keeping in mind the brand personality, its reputation, and offerings. After all you do have a brand personality to project and uphold but also you will be creating visibility and spreading awareness to a select audience to whom to maters.

Keep your customers feeling benefited in responding to you

Having said that, you must also realise it is a two way communication channel and you need to treat it that way. Messages to your customers need to be structured and communicated in a way to make your customers feel that there is something in it for them, in responding to you.


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