3X growth of conveyor Solutions Company

With the market research we conducted and analysed, we revealed the shortcomings of their strategy and that prompted us to start with a fresh strategy. Their website did not seem to justify the kind of traffic they should have, and leads seemed to be withering away.

So a vigorous campaign on social media seemed appropriate, this seemed to give their website a stimulus like never before. The comprehensive video posts and images we post bring in multitudinous organic traffic. Since that was a great stimulus we have kept that strategy alive with always vibrant, fresh, informative, educative purpose driven video posts and image posts. This is a strategy that has succeeded, not as a trial and error process, but as a sure fire solution, based on the market research and analysis that we conducted at the outset. We have helped them stay at the top of their game with this strategy.

For a eleven year old manufacturing unit of conveyor processes and solutions they have come a long way with the kinds of solutions, in innovation, the scope of market applications the products have and from where it all began.

Over the last three years of our taking on all their digital marketing requirements we have helped change their strategy with social media and bring in the kind of ROI they expected.

  • Vigorous campaign on social media
  • Vibrant, fresh, and informative
  • Comprehensive video posts
  • Informative image posts
  • Periodical product updates

This kind of a strategy alone, and surprising to us, has got them a 50% market share in this highly competitive industry. They have had, to date, three times growth, since the initiation of the digital marketing gamut, with a to-date 50% market share.

Our strategy to gain market visibility and awareness in the first phase of our digital marketing campaign was a massive hit on social media, and in periodical blog posts, the continued focused campaign bring in rich dividends.

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