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B2B are services provided from one business to another rather than giving it to the consumer. B2B is tying up with companies for a constant ongoing business exchange which saves you a lot of money. The services you are providing for any business is bigger in sales scale than for any consumer. Many industries only follow B2B policy. In B2B, the decision is not subjected to an individual like in B2C; while selecting a vendor for B2B services, many aspects are calculated like vendor landscape, illustration of products, unlike B2C, wherein a product is bought because of requirement. Marketing techniques for both the businesses are also different; for B2B, an enormous portion is covered, wherein B2C direct marketing is preferred. B2B lead generation companies help the consumer to build his brand and increase brand awareness. If you are looking forward to marking your presence in the market via digital marketing, it would be best to always look up to B2B lead generation companies for a thriving business and continued growth.

Majorly there are three types of B2Bservice providers:

Producer: they produce their products and sell directly to business holders.

· Retailers buy products from the manufacturers and sell them to other businesses; the selling process could occur on the internet or in physical stores.

· Agencies: Agencies provide advice, ideas and strategies to implement the same, just like any advertising company will design a marketing and promotion strategy for your business to increase its growth.

Addpro Networks is the best B2B lead generation company. A digital marketing company, providing B2B lead generation services since 2010. It is essential to choose a digital marketing company that will help you generate more leads in the formidable competitive world for constant business growth. The services include digital brand building, Enhance user Esperance, offer Content marketing strategy, Search Engine Marketing strategy, Social media strategy, Re-Marketing, Reputation Management, Public Relations Management, and Marketing Automation for uninterrupted business growth. Some other B2B lead generation companies are 22Feet Tribal WW, Langoor, Social Beat and Performics.

Unlike B2C services, B2B services require more precision and a thinking process to choose. Always think and decide patiently what is best for you to get.

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