How to Create a Powerful Inbound Marketing Strategy

The first and most decisive part in creating compelling content is gaining a deep understanding of what your target audience want to learn about.
  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight

Probably are, the easy steps to do just that, to set the right tone to your online inbound marketing strategy, however implementing this can be quiet another ballgame. Let us break down the components of each of these elements that seem pretty straight forward Unlike traditional out bound marketing, where you broadcast to the customer, with inbound marketing you focus on creating reasons for the customer to call upon you.

To attract business, you have to first create visibility and market awareness, for which you need to create a target persona, of the audience you want to ‘attract”.

The first and most decisive part in creating compelling content is gaining a deep understanding of what your target audience want to learn about.

  • Customizing your customer profile
  • Know your target market
  • Conduct in-depth interviews
  • An alluring “headline” can actually stimulate “clicks”
  • Even images, charts and graphs
  • Offer an attractive “freebie”, brings you contact details

Any growth hacking agency will tell you, as you work towards “customizing” your customer profile, you need to be aware of the demographics that define the majority of your customers. Next in order would be getting to know your target market, via a detailed survey. Where, and when possible conduct in-depth interviews, to understand exactly what the challenge is. Now that you have gained a pretty knowledge of internet marketing services, and a good idea of what the audience want, begin crafting your content based on all the information you’ve gathered so far, this very content is the basis of your inbound marketing strategy.

The most important part of your article is the headline; a captivating “headline” can actually stimulate “clicks” and thus fresh traffic. Include other forms of media like alluring visuals; even images, charts and graphs, people are lured by these instead of just lengthy text. Now you can even start guest blogging. The key to guest blogging is consistency. Now you also need to focus on SEO, with the incorporation of appropriate keywords woven into your content. Create impactful email campaigns; consider this for the long term. To ensure getting all possible conversions your website needs to be mobile accessible. And last but not least, keep content always refreshed.

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