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Promotion and accelerated Brand Engagement 

The blend of Content Marketing, UI UX and SEO resulted in lead generation in India and Germany. 

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Project Overview

Sphoorti is a leading machine tools manufacturer, established in 1996, making Tool Discs and Tool Holders for CNC Turning Centers and Turn Mill Centers.

The client reached us to manage its Digital Marketing campaign. The goal was to strengthen its Digital brand presence, build audience trust, develop an E-commerce portal and increase Lead Generation.

Addpro generated a 250% increase in website traffic, created a solid social media presence, and significantly increased lead generation.


Being part of 30 years established Acemicrometric Group of companies, Sphoorti lacked a professional and engaging website which hindered its lead generation and business growth. 

In addition, there was no online presence; the business operated entirely through offline means limiting its growth and attainable profit.

Addpro Approach

After auditing their website and other online platforms, we created a marketing framework for the Company and identified the growth barriers and improvement areas to develop our marketing strategy. We prepared a marketing strategy for UI/UX, SEO and content for accelerated sales growth and leads.

Competitive analysis​

We commenced the project by doing a competitive analysis and planning our website content and design accordingly.

We analysed the company’s requirements and prepared a marketing strategy for SEO, UI/UX and content marketing to position it firmly against the competitors.

Search engine optimization ​​

The goal was to give the brand global exposure; we incorporated good SEO practices in our marketing strategies targeting Indian and European markets to increase leads. In addition,

 we researched effective keywords in line with the company’s portfolio and adapted them in our content.  

E-commerce store- UI & UX

We made an online store for the company, keeping the latest e-commerce technology in mind. The website was designed for easy navigation and a user-friendly interface. 

Within six months, we achieved significant growth in sales through their e-commerce portal.


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This combination of SEO, Content marketing, Website UI/ UX and Ecommerce store led to an overall brand transformation and gave the brand a global platform. 

We successfully positioned the brand in a digital platform with all the keywords ranking in the top 10 of Google Search Engine. Appropriate brand positioning led to 10X growth in online lead generation and 3x growth in sales through a slick and organised e-commerce platform. 

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