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In The Conveyor Solutions Industry

Case Study

The “Whodunit” And How Of This Stalwart Of Today

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We Helped Them To See The Key Challenges, And Worked
Towards Their Rise To The Top, Digitally.


In the conveyor manufacturing industry our digital marketing expertise as our consulting partnership proved indispensable owing its spectacular growth to our SEO expertise. Thus, it’s towering, imposing presence, in the world of conveyor manufacturing and solutions, not just in Bangalore, but Pan India. Our digital marketing strategy began with a comprehensive website review well planned and targeted and has always been updated for relevance to the channels we strategized, rendering them at the top ranking of any search engine.

Further, creating visibility and awareness on social media also generated, even diverted organic traffic to their now vibrant website. The content and digital designs are always kept fresh. All this resulted in spectacular growth in market visibility and awareness, our partnership as the most effective digital marketing agency in Bangalore, is fostered on mutual growth.


higher market awareness


rise in lead generation


greater activity in social media


spike in organic traffic

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parallax background

The growth graph!
How we impacted the digital lead generation

SEO leads growth 2018-2019

Numbers speak volumes, when all said and done you know that the efforts that went into search engine optimization with amazing blog content brought in a flood of organic traffic that generated business beyond all expectations. Optimism and an evolving strategy will keep them growing this financial too.

Social Media Growth 2018-2019

Social media marketing was not any fluke it was a focused strategy that revolved around generating visibility, awareness, and organic traffic, was it a success, by far and away it is the role out for the next financial too.


Outstanding SEO

Conveyors and our entire range of accessories are grabbing a fifty percent market share in sales; this is due to the aggressive digital marketing strategy adopted by Addpro digital marketing. Social media has been a mainstay for our enhanced sales and success overseas.

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