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The manner in which you, a business enterprise choose to present yourself to the world keeping alive your business goals is your corporate business identity. It is absolutely necessary that you consider how your company is seen by the world and to “carve” your identity based on the image you have in mind. When you hear the term “corporate identity” it reminds you of logos, letterheads, and company business card design, and these certainly are a part of your corporate identity. You would actually associate these with its corporate design identity. However corporate identity goes way beyond design. It is absolutely “who you are” as a company. Why is it important?
Whether you are aware of it or not you already have a corporate identity, good, bad or ugly whether you manage it or not, it’s out there. How are we going to manage it? Actively ensure your business projection to the world is consistent and coherent in all communication. A creative business card design for instance will create a distinct business personality that distinguishes you from the competition. Enhance your communication rapport with employees and investors. Your company’s values and culture matter a lot in shaping corporate identity. Next is your website which is at the heart of any modern day company eco-system, it is the hub of all your content and product information. It is also the one place online where you have control over what you want your customers to be impressed with, particularly in the early part of their shopping journey.
Your next platform is the social media channels and how you project your corporate image. Now let’s not loose ourselves in just the digital projection, let us also consider the product packaging. This also needs to fit in with your corporate personality to create your corporate identity, shoddy packaging gives you a shoddy image.

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Be full aware, your corporate identity extends beyond, your physical office, or store. Your employees as well as representatives of your enterprise are a part of this image.. To that extent, every interaction is opportune where communication can enhance the corporate identity of the organization. We create an image “larger than life” just gathering a few facts, first understanding what your existing customers think of you, two your employees, what impression is projected in your current company material.

Create an identity that is ‘larger than life”

A corporate identity takes time to build, and so there is no point in building your image around what you are today, but building your image around the vision you have for your enterprise. Thus you are working towards and have a corporate image that is built on your “vision” and not on the today. Working around your vision will keep your corporate identity abreast of the “time” your vision comes to fruition.

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