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We exploit the perks of on-line marketing platforms in promoting your product or service, through our CRM services, taking your business and marketing automation to new levels of performance. Customer retention is a good reflection of how CRM implementation and automation works for your marketing strategy. It is essential your customer’s interest in your brand be refreshed to ensure an ongoing patronage of your brand. It might be impossible to convert every lead to a loyal customer, but there is a sure fire way to nurture prospective customers, by validating their presence and keeping their minds fresh with your product or service.

Our ability as a CRM development company to save numerous precious hours while simultaneously strengthening customer relationships and enhancing your website user experience with state-of-the-art tracking and perfectly timed communication. Marketing automation works on the basis of an automated “workflow”. For example; when a new contact signs-up your email list, they automatically receive a welcome note. With us the classic marketing automation service provider, we send bulk mail to a clearly defined “target audience” with very broad goals or announcements. But with marketing automation you are enabled to send targeted email triggered by specific actions that customers take.

These messages are much more opportunistic and calibrated to a specific goal related to the actions that users take during the purchase process. Let’s take a brief look at how the workflow works. A contact enters the workflow by making a purchase on your website. The system checks to see if this is the customer’s first purchase, if it is the customer is sent a “20% off” coupon code to make another purchase on your site. If he isn’t, he is added to a list of “loyal customers” in your email customer database.

We would love to hear from you is you, already generate a large number of leads regularly, or want to improve your email marketing strategy, or want to improve your customer relationships.


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what you say and do and the how and when, matters a lot to and in the “moment of truth”. This applies to any business regardless. In this day and age of the “consumer driven economy” this is sacrosanct. Your communique with every customer and the way you nurture the relationship, reflects what the outcome will be.

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Knowing how each message performs, always narrowing-in on your target audience, and exporting data for more in-depth analysis is all made easy with all the information you have at one glance of the screen and terms statistics of, sent mail, opened, clicked, goal, and fails

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