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A Server Rack Enclosure Manufacturer

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The “Whodunit” And How Of This Giant Of Today

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Data center enclosure manufacturers are an ambitious decade old
manufacturer of server enclosures and solutions provider.


In their nascent stages, they were in despair over the need for a digital marketing partner and narrowed in on what we had to offer them and we have never fallen short of our commitment or their expectations. Thus, it’s looming, imposing presence, in the world of server rack enclosures and solutions, not just in Bangalore, but Pan India, and as far ashore as Johannesburg, and the Arabian Middle East.

Our digital marketing strategy began with a comprehensive website well planned and targeted and has always been applauded for its relevance to the channels we strategized, rendering them at the top ranking of any search engine. Further, creating visibility and awareness on social media also generated, even diverted organic traffic to their now vibrant website. The content and digital designs are always kept fresh. All this resulted in a 10 fold growth in the last 9 years of our partnership as the most effective digital marketing agency in Bangalore.


spike in organic traffic


increase in social media reach


greater activity in our email


rise in lead generation

parallax background


parallax background

The growth graph!
How we impacted the digital lead generation

SEO Leads Growth 2018-2019

This is a figure that any industry would be envious of; standing at a solid 80% growth rate from the SEO leads alone is a percentage that speaks volumes of the quantum of organic traffic that resulted in real buyers.

Social Media Growth 2018-2019

Social media smiled a 200% growth for this zealous participant in the digital marketing activity of its rack enclosures and racks. We don’t plan to stay at that percentage; it will be surpassed in the present financial.


Social media management
by Addpro is exceptional

Despite this being a product in great demand, it was only through Addpro digital marketing we made a real breakthrough in India and overseas. We maintain that robust digital marketing strategy for the kind of growth we expect./p>

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