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November 13, 2019

Digital marketing mop up 26% of advertising spends; 2019

Budget concerns, spending cut-backs, productivity hit, and drop in demand all numbers bothering you at the same time!! With economic sluggishness, “advertising” took a hit, surprisingly expenditure on digital promotions rose, well; here are some numbers that come in as a breath of fresh air.  Industries that actually contributed to rise in digital promotions were;
Overall the digital industry advanced by 26%, for 2019 over the same period, 2018. The biggest spends were on social media getting a share of 28%, followed by paid searches getting 23%, online video getting 22% and display media scooping up 21%. Digital display media, online video, and social media are expected to have a faster growth in 2020, while the share of paid search is might see a drop from 25% to 23% by the end of the year.
Pampered with the expansion of mobile internet access and growing IP connection speeds, the increasing number of mobile and streaming devices leads to a consistent growth in demand for all kinds of Digital Media. Most Asian countries demonstrate how rising prosperity creates an exploding demand for knowledge, entertainment and culture Digital Media of all forms provide the perfect source for satisfying these cravings. The universal prevalence and use of internet and mobile phones has triggered a flourishing eservices business, which continues to rise. Staying updated on the latest digital media currency can help fuel your strategy and make you stand out in the crowd.
Here are a few digital media trends that you need to be aware of for 2020 and beyond. Ephemeral content, as interesting as they are, are available only for a short spell and disappears completely. Snapchat as well as Instagram posts are perfect examples ephemeral content. Indeed they are short and engaging, and therefore addictive, so as to keep audiences engaged for hours, trance like. Niche social platforms will perform well, social commerce will expand, video content will dominate, influencer marketing will continue to soar, personalization will be paramount, Most brands will incorporate social listening into their strategies, and user generated content will continue to be popular.

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