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Digital marketing drives change, i.e. we are the digital transformers, the best digital marketing company in Bangalore, in the way we project your product or service on any platform. You, in partnership with us, a leading digital marketing agency in Bangalore, want conversions, likes, followers, leads, and responses to email and to be number one on google searches.

A few important pursuits will be to create brand visibility, and as the top digital marketing agency in Bangalore, brand awareness, follower growth and conversions and lead generation are all a part of our commitment. Once you define your goals we need to define your target audience. Third we create a buyer “persona” for your brand, describe the persona in great detail, what they do for a living their annual income, family situation, age, likes and dislikes etc. This demographic information is essential to the nature and timing of any campaign. Next you need to decide on your budget for running your campaign promotions, in a combination of campaigns on social media channels.

The next step is to do an extensive keyword research. Our digital marketing company in Bangalore strategize, pay per click (PPC) a little different, as we have to compare the cost per click on each word and then group the keywords accordingly. With PPC we are focused on how much each word will cost. Our goal is to keep your cost per click (CPC) low while reaching as many people as possible. We then analyse the appropriate channels for your business, depending whether your business is B2B or B2C. If you a B2B you would not want to use the same channels as applies to B2C, A strong strategy would encompass aligning your promotion on a few of the options, like facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest, and of course google adds. We strongly recommend email marketing, as it is a worthy means of fostering relationships.

We the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, simultaneously embark on “keyword” research, with the intent of optimizing your website for search engines. With the keyword research done we are ready to optimize your site and dive into google ads. That done, we work towards setting you up on facebook or any of the other channels. Finally we get to the literal drawing board and create “the” advertisement; complete with images, copy, and content. The primary objective here, in creating a unique, interesting, visually appealing, informative advertisement is to resonate with the user and their mind-set. Post broadcast, monitoring and researching metrics of the user responsiveness, such as quantum of traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages, conversions, catalogue sales, store visits etc.

This is just as important as posting or broadcasting, because only from analysis will we be able to formulate our ongoing strategy. Concurrently we formulate a blogging campaign. Blogging helps stimulating the SEO search results, increases customer engagement, and helps answer a lot of questions potential customers have in the back of their mind. Not to mention educating and informing your readership patronage. Intriguing, informative copy and cool graphics, can keep customers riveted to your blog, and keeps them in anticipation for more.

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