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In The Medical Supplies Industry

Case Study

The “Whodunit” And How Of This Overnight Success

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We Help Them To See The Key Challenges, And Worked Towards
Their Rise To The Top, Digitally.


For a sector that has a plethora of competition in terms of the scale brand and market position, this small scale manufacturer of medical supplies had not a chance with the leverage of our digital marketing. Our strategy began with a comprehensive website and market, review well planned and targeted and went full steam into search engine optimization and social media marketing, rendering them at the top ranking of any search engine.

Further, creating visibility and awareness on social media also generated, even diverted organic traffic to their now vibrant global business. The content and digital designs are always kept fresh. All this resulted in spectacular growth in market visibility and awareness, our partnership as the most effective digital marketing agency in Bangalore, is fostered on mutual growth.

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The growth graph!
How we impacted on the digital lead generation

Social Media Growth 2018-2019

Social media marketing was aggressive with a strong focus on health and wellness. Generating visibility, awareness, and organic traffic, was a success, by far and away and has generated most of its organic traffic.

SEO leads growth 2018-2019

The financials have smiled upon this effort on the search engine optimization front, consistent top website search positioning has paid off with rich dividends, with a 3X growth from the previous fiscal.


I was a plesure working
with team Addpro

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