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Do you think you need a professional explainer video production team to create a worthwhile explainer video? You are right, getting the pros in to design and present your offerings in the best light is important to your goal of generating an engaged audience. The statistics regarding the popularity of product video maker in Bangalore, video marketing numbers don’t lie, and if you’re not on the bandwagon now, you’re missing out on the future of marketing. Approximately half a billion people watch videos on social media every day and soon video traffic will represent 80% of all consumer online traffic, so what better delivery vehicle for your branded message than video.
They are bite sized bits of video content, often around one or two minutes in length and presented in many forms, from traditional animation, to 3D to even live action and more. They can be done in a variety of genres, utilizing comedy, or drama, depending on the theme strategized. Driven in part by the millennial generation reliability plays a huge role in their decision making process.
A product or service or an otherwise boring subject can be put across in a compelling fashion that holds audience attention, possibly generate a patronage for the product but the videos too. Most times it’s the simplest ideas that have the greatest impact elements like, being interesting, funny, concise, socially conscious, push the boundaries when appropriate, and again simple. Next on our plate is the explainer video script without which, the video per se is nothing. In “that” duration of 30 seconds every word maters, or rather every second matters, to every word, no room for fluff. Our golden rule it should have a beginning middle and an end in the simplest terms. A problem can be shown explained in a precise visual, these needs to be done as quickly as possible. Next will be the solution to the problem.

parallax background


parallax background

Simplify The Complex In 2 Minutes Or Less
Explain Your Concept, Product Or Service In A Way That Your Audience Can “Connect”.

Make a human “connection”

Having real flesh and blood people with real emotions, expressed with impact, can have a emotional connection with your audience. This also means you are empowered with realism and not fantasy. Humor is an element that can never be overlooked in making that impact with real emotions.

Create awareness

A problem well expressed in a product explainer, remains etched in the memory of the audience if they relate to it right, this is when your solution product or service becomes a “sale”, “moral of the story”; create awareness and your product sells itself.

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