The “word of mouth” is still the best mode to
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Nothing Compares To “Appreciation”
And We Bring You The Plaudits

If you are a painter or any kind of artist or art lover, you know the feeling of having completed a piece of art and sitting back and appreciating and or reflecting on what could have been better. But when someone beholds that same piece of art and expresses breath taking statement of appreciation you are filled with elation and enthralled at their genuine appreciation, a feeling beyond any other of the emotions.
This is exactly how some genuinely appreciative clients actually respond to the kind of market response they have had with the creativity and business acumen that we have given every piece of work we execute.
The benefits of the reviews can be numerous, I see no disadvantages. Even a negative review is for you to build upon, it’s possible there was a shortcoming the service or product a customer received and there is your lesson in the review. All of the positives are again things to build upon with less effort but possibly greater diligence. If you received a note of appreciation from even a colleague about something you did well, well the next time around you will try to excel your previous performance. This is normal human psychology.
Reviews from your customers are a necessity to keep you abreast of customer expectations, and where and how you can meet that expectation. Without customer reviews you are left clueless, unaware of the experience your customer had from accruing your service or product. Another advantage, is when reviews are detailed and mention at length what and how your offering can be a better experience you can set about working on incorporating those improvements and changes. Often times it might require that you interact with that customer to fully understand what their expectation might be and if you can or cannot incorporate that into their experience.
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The growth graph!
How we impacted on the digital lead generation

Kritesh prajapati


For a traditional business establishment like ours with business spread across continents it did not seem like a necessity but from the incorporation of digital marketing with Addpro in our global marketing strategy we have cut back on our marketing force and costing. This though has brought us two fold growth in the last fiscal.

Tausif Ahmed

Operations Director

Our launch into a very competitive market of manufacturing medical supplies was a risk we had not calculated on, despite our initial failure to create a strong presence, in the medical supplies industry. However we experienced a complete turnaround as we embarked on a digital marketing partnership with Addpro. Our social media presence and our number one ranking on the search engines has brought in business that has given us a 5X growth in the last 3 years.

Nikil Prasad M P

Cheif Executive Officer

Addpro have given us the luxury of never having to spend valuable time and man hours on any promotion. Our digital marketing partnership with Addpro began for the development of our website. Today our tenfold growth in nine years is a result of the complete faith in the digital marketing acumen of Addpro.

Sonali Udgata

VP marketing

Our industrial products range which is a premier product pan India is proud to be Pan India from the time we have ventured into digital marketing and driving sales through search engine optimization and social media postings.