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You are the topic of conversation over coffee and, your product or service is the centre of attention to a niche market! Why? You have chosen the best social media management agency in promoting you on social media. What and how we do is our passion based on our years of experience and exhaustive research.

In a labyrinth of social media marketing companies in Bangalore, our engaging posts are created, content, design et al, to trigger and engage a thoughtful space in your customers mind for you and your product. It’s not about fancy sales pitches, but in the way we stimulate thoughtful dialogue and as a social media agency in Bangalore, we keep the stimulus high to sustain that dialogue with an engaged audience as we draw new customers, with scintillating new engaging posts.

As a reputed social media agency in Bangalore, we pride our position of competence with the most brilliant engaging posts that retain patronage. In our consumer driven economy, appeasing, engaging and sustaining patronage depends also on the changing tastes, of consumers and trends. With the mighty scope in reach intrinsic to social media, a little known product or service can become a buzzword, overnight. A good case in point would be how a trendy gadget runs out from store shelves, because of the breath-taking stimulus of a social media posting.

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parallax background

Intrinsic and extrinsic expansion is about projecting,
and connecting with the right audience

No product or service, exempt from going into oblivion, without any digital marketing projection. This is true to any sector of business in today’s consumer driven economy.

If you are spending money on social media you want to know how the numbers analysis happens and how if necessary you can alter your strategy. Some of the parameters you will be looking at in analytics are:

Here is a broad overview how social media analytics works:

Discover information about your audience, set goals to know what social media parameters you should be tracking; parameters like; page likes, let’s say 3500; and post reach 47,792; what this implies for your post on social media? Well a post that has appealed to a lot of people, well done!!Next your post engagement 1,319 is the number of people that actually connected with you after seeing your post on social media.

As we are just scratching the surface, you can see for yourself this is a full-time occupation, and when you actually have a business to run, you need Addpro to handle your social analytics for you. Reach us.

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